You must pay your invoice before Notary is en-route. This is protection for the Notary.

*Our fees are flat. This means we do not charge extra for mileage or multiple documents.  However, if the amount of documents you have cannot be completed/notarized within one hour, you are charged half of the initial flat fee per hour, every hour, until your service is completed.

Chicago Prime Notary Policy : After our scheduled operation time has ended, there are multiple processes that must be followed in order to receive our service as you would during work hours (ignore this if the time your service is rendered is within operational hours) which include :

  • (1) A 50% Deposit of the Full Service Amount (I.E. original fees with late fees) must be paid before Notary is en-route. Payment must first be made online via Debit, Credit, or PayPal – no cash or check.
  • (2) The remaining amounts can be paid in person once the notary arrives and completes the service. This is to guarantee our Notary mileage in case of indecisiveness or cancellation.
  • (3) There then remains a $150.00 After Hours fee. Once the Notary arrives, it is a legal obligation and civil duty to pay the Notary. A service is provided, and the service should be paid for regardless of occupation, status, bias, etc. If the Notary uses his/her stamp, a transaction has occurred.

Note : Notaries are not allowed to give legal advice. A Notary can only advise on Notarial Acts as per training and obligation by the state they are sanctioned to act as a representative (notary) within. Our Notaries will attempt at answering questions as accurately as possible, but cannot under any circumstance give you legal advice. Questions such as :

(i)“What form should I use?”

(ii)“What would a lawyer think?”

(iii)“Is this document safe to sign?”

cannot be answered by a Notary Public.

This constitutes as the following : The Notary signing and notarizing your documents, whether its form is sanctioned or not sanctioned as standard or acceptable by any institution, state, officer, agent, or ward is not responsible for those said institutions,  states, officers, agents, or wards process in which they validate or invalidate documentation.

The Notary Stamp, Seal, and Signature our Notaries use is commissioned, legal, legit, public knowledge and on record on the accompanying states Secretary of State website.

If there are ANY mistakes on ANY document(s) that your institution deems invalid, you have 90 days to contact us and have the documents re-done for free of charge. This is only if the notary made a mistake. If the mistake is due to a client and/or you*, or if the notary has made mistake and you do not make the notary aware of this mistake before 90 days pass, you must pay the full fee again to have the documents redone. We triple check all documentation, so please check your documentation once the Notary departs and immediately contact us if there is an issue. You are not entitled to a refund for any reason under any circumstance after 3 months have passed. If you need specific pages redone, mailed, scanned, and/or etc, we charge a $20 convenience fee on the Submit Payment page.

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