Notary Directory

Why Sign Up?

It’s simple: if you’re a notary, you can make some extra cash and service your community by signing up and receiving assignments that pay you the same day.

How Does It Work?

We have hundreds of clients a month, and sometimes our team has too many calls for Mobile Notary assignments. We can’t be in two places at once, so instead of turning down or rescheduling with our clients, we can assign another reliable eligible Notary to fulfill the Mobile Notary request. The bonus is that we can do this all while building, networking with, and servicing the community.

Do You Only Service Chicago?

We cover Chicago/Cook County as well as the entirety of Northwest Indiana.

Do I have to have special training to receive assignments?

Taking the NKN Course will increase your chances and the frequency at which we redirect assignments to you. It puts you on the Top Call List because those who have taken the NKN Course have learned from Chicago Prime Notary how to conduct business and interact with clients the way we do specifically for our business. You can still sign up without having taken the course. You need no special training to be considered. One of our representatives may E-Mail you some general questions in addition to those above to assess if you’re eligible to receive assignments from us if you have not taken the course. It doesn’t take long and we are very flexible.